Unlike other body organs, the eyes are the most delicate ones. You can actually lose your eye sight in a blink of an eye. Recent researches carried out by eye specialists from Sydney, Australia have indicated that eye problems have been on the rise.

The main causes of eye complications consist of: poor hygiene, hence a person is exposed to microorganisms which in turn causes the various eye problems ; eye injuries obtained during sports and when working in industries; and denial of some minor eye conditions which might potentially lead to some adverse eye complications.

Eye complications in Australia can be prevented and managed only if each and every individual considers eye health as an important factor. Eye doctors from Sydney Eye hospital have been conducting seminars meant to educate the Australians on the importance of regular eye check-ups. Basically, eye check-ups are the best methodologies in identifying and establishing the roots of various eye complications.
Refractive eye problems are among the commonest ones and they include: presbyopia-this complication is defined by the inability of the eye lenses to focus on close objects; astigmatism-this is a refractive error that results into blurred vision; hyperopia-defined by reduced vision of closer objects; and myopia-defined as a refractive error where the eye is incapable of bending properly.

There are other eye complications which are progressive and they develop from a given stimuli, such problems include age and persistent use of a computer. Computer users who sit in front of their PCs for long hours are prone to fall victims of eye complications. Age on the other hand has been a contributing factor as far as cataract is concerned.

As mentioned earlier; microorganisms and eye injuries are major causes of most of the common eye problems. The collective causes of eye difficulties are: Herpes simplex-this virus damages the retina, the condition itself is the acute retinal necrosis; Bacteria keratitis-this problem involves the contamination of the cornea by a common bacterial located in the mouth, on the skin and in the nose; chlamydia-this problem can potentially lead to conjunctivitis and consequently lead to eye complications when a person touches the infected genital areas and afterwards touches the eyes without cleansing the hands.