You can easily contract an eye infection from everyday activities. The commonest thing about eye infections is that they can breakout on different structures of the eyes. In most cases, the infections may breakout on one eye and spread to the next through an external means, such as touch by hand or breakout on both eyes simultaneously.

The major signs of an eye infection consist of the following: decreased eye sight due to adverse effects of an infection; high fever; white soreness on the iris, especially when the infection has taken much effect on the eye; persistent reddening of the eye as well as the eyelids; unusual discharge from the eye, the discharge maybe watery, green, bloody, yellow and so on; eyes growing sensitive to light, either extreme or moderate; the sensation of having something in the eye; persistent pain in the eye; itching effect on the eye; swelling of the eye; and so on.

Medically, there exist various eye infections, such infections do include the following: style (a condition that is presented by a bump on the eyelid, the bump develops as a result of bacterial infection on the root of eyelash hair follicle); conjunctivitis, this is a condition that is primarily referred to as pinkeye and it is common in children; ocular herpes, is an infection that occurs when one is exposed to Herpes simplex virus; fungal keratitis, this infection accrues due to Fusarium fungi, a fungi mainly exist in organic matter; Trachoma, this is an infection of the eye that is associated with Chlamydia trachomatis, the condition is common in most of the third world countries; and so on.

There exist many ways through which one can evade any possibilities of contracting an eye infection. Such ways include the following: avoiding contact with a person that suffers from a red eye or any other eye infection; washing hands regularly after visiting the toilet or after doing any chores; cleaning contact lenses regularly in order to get rid of any bacteria and fungi; paying frequent visit to eye specialists in order to determine the current status of the eyes; and so on.

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