About Your Eyes – Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation film series

About Your Eyes is an introduction to 6 films containing information about eye conditions and what happens if you need surgery.

Produced by Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation to help you and your family to better understand the experience.

Narrated by Noni Hazlehurst

The series contains:

A corneal graft
A detached retina
Tear ducts and eyelids
Melanoma of the eye
Cataract surgery
Glaucoma surgery

These questions and more are answered in a short film about eye surgery at the Sydney Eye Hospital. Featuring animation explaining how the eye works and actors modelling patients as they step through the process of having surgery.


Seeing is believing and our eyes connected to the world in so many ways, but the eye is a complex organ with many parts combining to give us good vision.

It works like this – light travels through the cornea or window of the eye and is focused by the lens on to the retina, a fine layer of tissue at the back of the eye.

The retina sends the image to the brain via the optic nerve.

Because of the way light enters the eye the image is captured upside down by the retina, but our brain learns to see things the right way up.

The magic of sight is achieved through the clear capture and accurate processing of the images that form our world.

Losing the ability to see clearly can happen when any of these eye functions fail.

Most often that failure will happen over a period of time as a result of disease.

As we get older and live longer there will be changes to our vision which are predictable and increasingly treatable.

Treatments may include eye drops, laser therapy, prescription glasses or surgery but ultimately managing your sight depends on an early diagnosis of your condition.

Preserving your sight is a partnership between you and your eye doctor.

The risks and benefits of eye surgery should be understood and discussed together with regard to your overall health and the long-term management of your eyesight.

The Sydney Eye Hospital is a Centre of Excellence combining teaching with access to sophisticated surgery and surgical equipment.

It’s where senior doctors teach junior doctors and where eye clinics can combine with onsite laboratories to research the cause and cure of eye disease.

The hospital is funded by government but also depends on the fundraising initiatives of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that supports the hospital.

The foundation provides sight saving equipment, funds research into eye disease and facilitates eye doctors to expand their knowledge and skills.

This DVD contains information about your eye condition and what happens if you need surgery.

We hope this will help you and your family to better understand the experience.

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