Stream of Consciousness
Creative Commons License photo credit: jurvetsonThe Board of Management of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation helps to ensure the financial success of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation through direct volunteer support and financial contributions.

The Foundation itself works to increase donations to the foundation to improve the facilities and equipment of the hospital, and to improve the quality of care provided at the Hospital by supporting teaching, training, specialties, and funding research. The Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation funds several fellowships on an annual basis.

The individuals on the Board of Management of the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation are more than just supporters in a nominal sense, as all members are also financial members who have contributed funds to the Foundation. They are willing volunteers who work to identify new donors and sources of funds. Professional medical workers are represented on the board, as several Visiting Medical Officers (VMOs) have active memberships.

Past and present board of management members include Bruce Loane, Kevin Gardner, and Justin Playfair. The board of management continues to work to make the Sydney Eye Hospital the best possible hospital and research facility that it can be, that it has the best and most up to date equipment, and provide first class medical care to its patients.