It’s a way of ensuring that the assets (money, property, shares or valuables) that you need now will eventually be used to help the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation save sight. It’s something that you can arrange in addition to –
or instead of – giving cash right now.

By making a Bequest, you will be in good company. Bequests from donors, like Neville G who has provided $600,000 towards the equipment for the new Bicentennial Clinic that was opened earlier this year, have made a significant difference to our patient outcomes, with the ability to make earlier diagnoses with state of the art equipment.

Bequests are a major source of income that help the Foundation provide much needed research and advanced equipment to help in the diagnosis of Macular and Corneal diseases.

The main advantage of the Bequest system is that it allows donors of all means to make a valuable donation to the Foundation in the knowledge that their generosity will help save the sight of thousands of adults and children who come to the Hospital for help each day.

Should you decide to make a Bequest to Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation, clear instructions in your Will are necessary to ensure your wishes are carried out.

If you would like more information, please contact the Foundation’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Kevin Gardner, on (02) 9382 7408 or email:

He will be pleased to assist.