Dr Tasneem Arsiwalla

Meet they Sydney Eye Hospital Foundations Fellows for 2020. Supporting Sydney Eye Hospital in this extremely difficult year during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Linda Fagan

New Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation Chief Executive, Linda Fagan acknowledges the world has turned on its head since commencing in March.

“It’s heart-warming to see the Australian community responding to this global health crisis and our thoughts are with all those deeply affected.

Dr Emily Shao Vitreoretinal Surgical Fellow

Ophthalmologists are typically only several inches away from patients during eye examination: this is thought to place them at a higher risk of catching illnesses such as COVID-19 from patients than most other specialists.

However, the current pandemic has not stopped the flow of emergency presentations to Sydney Eye Hospital, and the team remains committed to saving sight. Minimising the risks to both patients, their families and medical staff has been a key focus.