Dr Abhishek Kumar joined the vitreoretinal team in July 2013.

He completed his residency in India and did 2 years vitreoretinal fellowship at Aravind Eye Hospital & PG Institute, Coimbatore.

His goal is to become a proficient vitreoretinal surgeon and he believes that Sydney Eye Hospital will provide him with excellent oppourtinities to learn the most advanced management protocols for different eye conditions.

After this fellowship he aspires to provide vitreoretinal services to the rural population of India.

Dr U-Teng Chan is from Malaysia and she hopes to learn and enhance her clinical and surgical skills in Cornea at Sydney Eye Hospital and will return to Malaysia in June 2014 to continue working in the Corneal Unit.

Dr Farhan Qureshi started as the Oculoplastic Fellow in the Sydney Eye Hospital in July 2013.

He is from the UK and did his ophthalmology training in Liverpool after which he went on to an Oculoplastic Fellowship in Manchester.

He is keen to experience healthcare in Australia and further his skills particularly in endonasal surgery whilst here.

He will be returning to the UK to begin as Consultant Oculoplastic Surgeon in Wigan after his time here.

Coming from Indonesia, Dr Emil Sjahreza started his Vitreoretinal Fellowship at Sydney Eye Hospital in January 2013.

His goal in this fellowship program is to gain as much skills and knowledge as possible from various consultants in the hospital.

He will go back to his country to work as vitreoretina surgeon in Klinik Mata Nusantara, Jakarta.